Wednesday 26 October 2011

The Death Star

As the Death Star Is a reasonably basic shape I used the Boolean object to create the cut outs.

I started with a sphere shape and then used a smaller sphere to Boolean the cut out where the ships laser is.

After that I wanted a small cylinder inside that cut out to act as the actual laser so I created what I wanted it to look like and used inserts to create polygons that I indented to give it more of a jagged flattened look to define it as different from the initial cut out. As I wanted it to lay inside the original Boolean I cloned the cylinder so I could use one of them to create an exact Boolean of where I wanted to sit it. When I had cut it out I simply slotted the original cylinder into the gap to create the laser.

The Death Star has one more defining feature which is the main trench that runs around the outside center. To get this I used the Boolean again but on a larger cylinder to create a large ring shape, This was then aligned around the center of the body and had the Boolean object again to cut out one main trench that run all the way around. This would be used for the main chase in my battle where the X-Wings are attempting to destroy the Death Star from the inside.

This gave me my basic Death Star.

One problem I ran into was the fact I had created the Death Star the same size as my X-Wing fighter, This would be useless in my animation as it would be too small to battle around.
To fix this problem I imported my model of the X-Wing fighter and changed the scale of my Death Star so the X-Wing could fit inside the trench.

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