Tuesday 25 October 2011

The X-Wing Fighter

After the last attempt failed, I tried again starting with a box shape.

To start with I created two planes and used the materials editor to load some top and side view blueprints to them so I could get an idea of what I wanted my X-Wing to look like as well as scale it properly.

I created a small box shape at the back of the X-Wing as this is the very base shape where all the other features would be created from. I made the box an editable poly so I could extrude the rest of the body from it using the options under the 'edit polygons' such as 'Extrude' 'Insert' and 'Bevel' which I had learnt about in my previous online tutorial.

Extrude - Creates a polygon on the selected surface that can be extended out of the object.

Bevel - Used to create larger polygons on smaller shapes.

Insert - Used to create a smaller polygon which could then be pulled out to the size of the selected polygon givine a sloped point effect.

Using these features gave me my main body for my X-Wing.

As you can see in the image, I have used the blueprints to create the right proportions to the ship.

To create the engine I used a cylinder shape and aligned it to the edge of the original box, using inserts I cut out the inside of the engine and created the intake. I used the extrude option to create the extensions out of the back of the engine.

To replicate the engine four times I cloned the original engine and then aligned with them with the corrisponding edges.

Again using the same process I created the guns on the edges of each wing but when It came to the tips of the gun I used the bevel option to make the shape larger and then become smaller again.

And finally to add the shape for R2D2 on the top I simply used a sphere and placed it half way into the body.

This gave me my basic model for my X-Wing Fighter.

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