Wednesday 26 October 2011


This started off with more of a rounded body so I started with a sphere. After converting it to an editable poly I grabbed the edges of the cylinder and pulled them out to create the arms.

As the arms gradually became smaller and then enlarged again I used the Bevel to create this effect.

To create the window I used the same techniques as I did for the laser on the Death Star as it was essentially the same thing but instead of indenting the inner cylinder I pulled it out slightly to create a rounded window effect.

For the wings I used a box object that I adjusted to size based on the blueprints that I had put on the planes. I simply pulled out the edges of the wing to create the correct shape and then aligned it with the end of the arm, To create the second wing I just cloned the first one I made and then aligned it with the arm on the opposite side.

As I had adjusted the size of my Death Star to make sure the scale was correct against my X-Wing, I imported my X-Wing and adjusted the size of the Tie-Fighter to make sure the proportions would be correct for both ships against the Death Star.

When I was happy with the scale I had a completed Tie-Fighter.

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