Tuesday 13 December 2011

Animating Part 1

Starting the Animation

Now I had all of my models textured and ready I could start animating.

I chose to do each scene separate using one camera at a time, this way I could render scenes a bit at a time and then use Adobe Premier Pro to add them all together in one clip.

I started with a pan starting by looking deep into space and slowly moving across to bring the Death Star into view. I chose to do it this way so It would give the viewer an idea of the size of the Death Star and how there was nothing else around it.

As the camera pans the X-Wing Fighter comes into view from underneath the camera slowly flying towards the Death Star preparing for battle. Having this view shows that the ship is clearly heading towards the Death Star and that it is going to attack. Using this method builds suspense as it is clear that something is about to happen.

As I was just panning I used a Free Camera as I had no particular object that needed to be in view and the camera needed to pan from viewing nothing through to two models. The X-Wing starts its animation at the same time as the camera starts panning but it isn't visible straight away as the model starts moving from a point behind the camera.

When the camera has finished panning it views the X fighter slowly flying towards the Death Star giving the viewer a feel for how big the Death Star is in comparison to the X Wing Fighter.

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