Tuesday 13 December 2011

Animating Part 2

Scene Two of the Animation

For the second part of the animation I wanted an action shot of the X Wing flying down into the main trench of the Death Star. I thought the best view would be a shot from just above the ship giving an idea of what it would look like from actually flying the ship.

Instead of just placing the camera behind the ship and moving both the camera and the ship separately through the animation I decided to group the camera and the ship together so I could move both object together at the same time. This also meant that the camera would always have the same view of the X Wing no matter what position it was in.

This is what the view from the camera looks like through this part of the animation. I think it gives a real action view and is more focused on what the X Wing is doing when preparing for battle.

When making an object move, 3DS Max automatically makes the object start off slow and then increase speed faster and faster the closer it gets to the finishing point. As my X Wing had already reached the speed I wanted I needed to change it as the final animation would look like it sped up then slowed down and sped up again. To solve this I used the curve editor to change the speed of the object. I selected the two points where the animation starts and stops and changed the graph so it was a straight line instead of a curved one, this meant that the ship would fly at a constant speed from start to stop.

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