Tuesday 13 December 2011

Animating Part 3

Third part of the Animation

For this sequence I wanted to use another action shot but this shot would also include the Tie Fighter chasing the X Wing.

As I did in the previous shot I grouped the camera to the X Wing but this time facing back on the X Wing so I could get the Tie Fighter in the same shot as it was chasing the X Wing.

The Tie Fighter comes on from out of the shot into the chase sequence. It follows a similar path to the X wing with a variation in speed. I felt having the camera in front of both the ships gave the most dramatic effect and it gives the viewer a true sense of the action in the chase.

This is one of the scenes where I chose to use the laser I had previously created. The Tie Fighter fires a laser at the X Wing but misses. As the laser was just a cylinder It had to be invisible in the scene until I needed it so what I had to do was place the laser in the scene at the point where I wanted the laser to fire out of the ship but then back track to the start of the timeline and change its settings so that it only became visible at the point the Tie Fighter met up with the cylinders in the scene. This gave the effect that they were being fired out of the ship rather than just appearing. After the laser has fired it has to travel at a speed faster than the moving ship so I had to make sure that its sequence was shorter than the other models in the scene and that it then went out of shot so it looked like it had disappeared.

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