Monday 12 December 2011

Sky Dome

 Creating the Sky Dome

This was the texture I chose for the Sky Dome, I picked this because it gives a great effect of space and as the Death Star is in space it gives a great feel of how vast and empty it is.

Accessed 12/12/11 -

I used the same method as in the Sky Dome tutorial but as the Death Star is floating in space there was no ground as such so I needed an entire Geosphere instead of a Hemisphere so that space could be seen from every direction. I still used the NORMAL modifier to put the texture on the inside of the Geosphere and Flipped it.

I used a UVW map to change the way the texture was projected onto the Geosphere and I ended up using the 'Box' map as it projected the texture in the correct way to make it look best.

This gave a perfect looking scene for my attach on the Death Star.

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