Tuesday 13 December 2011

Animating Part 4

Fourth Part of the Animation

This is the most important of the whole animation as it is the point where the X Wing makes its final attack on the Death Star in an attempt to destroy it.

I chose to place a Free Camera behind the whole that the X Wing is going to shoot down. The camera has a direct view at the hole and highlights the fact that it is the target of the attack. This view also keeps the action look of the fight keeping the view of the Tie Fighter chasing the X Wing.

Once again I used lasers in this scene but this time the X Wing would be firing them into the hole.
I used exactly the same technique as I did with the Tie Fighter but this time the ship would be firing two lasers instead of one.

After the X Wing takes a direct shot at the hole it drastically pulls up in an attempt to flee the scene before the Death Star explodes. The Tie Fighter attempts to follow but is not prepared for the sudden escape attempt and flies out narrowly missing the camera.

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